NHL tempted to hold Game 5 back in Montreal?!

This would be a first in Stanley Cup history!


This was nothing short of a surprise on Monday night, when the Montreal Canadiens stayed alive in this Stanley Cup final against the Tampa Bay Lightning and forced a Game 5 on Wednesday night as the Bolts lead the series 3-1. 

The series shifts to Tampa Bay and while both teams and insiders made their way to Florida for the contest, it appears that something else wants to attend the game… 

This is a season like no other, and this breaking news report illustrates just that as a hurricanes is heading to Tampa Bay in true 2020-2021 fashion. Tropical Storm Elsa is bringing heavy rain, wind and flooding through parts of the US, and is predicted to touch down in Tampa on Wednesday, the same day the Lightning is set to play for the Cup at their home arena and could hoist the prestigious trophy in front of their fans. 

When asked about the hurricane and the possibility of it postponing Wednesday’s Game 5, this is what Habs head coach Dominique Ducharme had to say: 

“There’s no surprise anymore. I think anything that happens right now and for a while we just take it and look at it  and say, ‘It’s probably part of our destiny.’ It’s been crazy but we’re a crazy bunch of guys in here.”

Insider Elliotte Friedman of Sportsnet has revealed that local authorities could be forced to postponed the game at a later date if it becomes too dangerous for fans and staff to get to the arena for the game at 8h00PM that night. 

Fans are now wondering if the Canadiens and Bolts could be asked to return to Montreal to play Game 5, which got Habs fans going on social media, almost doing the hurricane dance to get the game back in Canada. This is now starting to trend on social media. 

This is the first time the league would have to make this difficult call and decide - depending on how long activities could be postponed in Tampa - to move the series back to the other city… 

We will know more in the next 24 hours about this very 2020-21 situation. And who knows, this crazy season might get even crazier!!!