NHL unveils salary cap limit for 2024-25 regular season.
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NHL unveils salary cap limit for 2024-25 regular season.

The National Hockey League has officially unveiled the salary cap for the league's next season.

Jonathan Larivee

The National Hockey League has announced a substantial increase to their salary cap for the upcoming 2024-25 regular season.

On Saturday the league announced, in a joint statement with the National Hockey League Players Association, the details of what the salary cap will look like next season. That included an increase from the current cap of $83.5 million this current season up to a cap limit of $88 million for next season.

That will come as big news to teams that were up against the cap ceiling this past season, giving those teams significantly more wiggle room to get players re-signed or to bring in new players via free agency.

The league also announced that the salary cap floor will be increasing, with the new minimum on cap spending set at $65 million for next season.

It is worth noting that this will do nothing to prevent teams from exceeding the cap ceiling through mechanisms like long term injured reserve (LTIR), something that has become more and more prevalent in the NHL over the course of the last few years. That issue won't be resolved, if it is resolved at all, until the next collective bargaining negotiations with the current collective bargaining agreement running through the 2025-26 NHL season.