NHL updates rules regarding helmets

A significant change that will change the tradition of the game forever.


According to a report from TSN insider Chris Johnston, the NHL has made an update to its rules that now states new players coming into the league are mandated to wear a helmet during pre-game warmups. The rule will feature a grandfathering-clause that allows players who entered the league prior to the 2019-20 season to go "bucket-less" during warmup.

From Johnston:

Honestly, what's the point of making it to the NHL if you can't let down your flow in warmies?

I kid obviously, but I could seriously see some players taking issue with this new. I mean, how often have we seen injuries in warmup due to players not wearing a helmet? I can only remember a handful of incidents in decades of players going helmet-less. You may recall that Taylor Hall had a horrific skate cut injury to his fact about 10 years ago after a collision with teammates during his time with the Edmonton Oilers, but that was more of a freak accident than anything else. I'm not sure that a helmet or visor would have prevented that injury from ocurring.

In any case, I personally have no problem with this rule but I just wonder when the NHL will stop tinkering with things that truly don't make a difference to the game? There are some serious issues with the way the game is played at the NHL level, but the league refuses to address those issues and instead gets fixated on silly things like helmets in warmup. But then again, what else should I expect from a league run by Gary Bettman and company? Bettman has certainly done some good things for the game, but I think mostly he's proven just how out of touch he is with the average hockey fan. I truly feel like he doesn't understand what it is that makes a hockey fan love this sport so much. He's too busy twisting in the wind and trying to sort out how to take advantage of the latest buzz or craze.

So, take in those luscious locks during warmup now while you can because they'll be gone soon. In 20 years every player is going to look like an Astronaut out there.

Stay ahead of the game with our exclusive hockey news, analysis and insider info.
Stay ahead of the game with our exclusive hockey news, analysis and insider info.