NHL veteran reveals “several players” were taking injections before playoff games.

Cup Champion shares some locker room secrets.

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Every fan of the National Hockey League fan knows that NHL players tax their bodies to the limits during the NHL playoffs, but some might be disturbed by the lengths some go to in order to continue playing. 

TSN insider Pierre LeBrun has reported on a conversation that took place between NHL veteran Jarrett Stoll and NHL analyst Steve Kouleas, and in that conversation Stoll revealed just how far he has personally seen players go.

According to Lebrun Stoll discussed his time with the Los Angeles Kings in 2014, and during that discussion he revealed that he was among "several players" who needed to be injected before warmups in order to push through the pain they were currently feeling.

While injections in sports are not uncommon, especially not for pain in high-profile playoff games, to hear a player talk about it being so pervasive is unsettling. It's also no secret that several players have struggled with pain medication following their professional careers, and it's hard not to make connection to their past playing time, especially when stories like this are revealed. 

Of course we highly doubt that Stoll or any of the several players involved regret their choices at the time, as the Kings would go on to win the Stanley Cup that year, but one has to wonder how players who went through similar scenarios on the losing side feel about it in the long run.