NHLer David Backes responds to NFL players who won't stand for the anthem.

So how does the NHL feel about all of this?


There has been a massive controversy in the National Football League this summer revolving around the decision made by San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick to sit during the playing of the American national anthem.

While many football personalities have chimed in to share their thoughts on the decision from Kapernick, the hockey world has been mostly silent either due to sheer indifference or perhaps because they genuinely didn't even notice it was going on, one player however did take notice.

Newly acquired Boston Bruins forward David Backes stopped short of calling Kaepernick out for his decision, but made it clear what he thought of his decision not to honor those who have fought and died for that flag.

“I think as athletes we have a great platform and to use it to influence social change is within our right,” said the American forward as per USA Today. “Whether you should do that during the anthem, which stands for our country and salutes those who have given their lives for our country, allowing athletes to play, is a matter of debate. I have my opinions on that.”

It's clear Backes was being politically correct here, and it's also clear that he believes the men and women who fought and died for the American flag should be honored, regardless of your political leanings.