NHLers sound off on which players they’d most like to have a beer with

Cheers, boys!

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Beer and hockey, the two go together better than chocolate and peanut butter.

Whether you’re a beer league scrub like so many of us out there or you’re a multi-millionaire playing in the NHL, there’s nothing quite like a cold beer after a good hard skate.

If you could grab a beer with any NHLer, who would it be and why? That was the question posed to anonymous players by the Athletic in a recent poll. The answers… well they’re not surprising at all. I mean, if you followed Alex Ovechkin’s shenanigans in the aftermath of his 2018 Stanley Cup championship, it’s clear the guy can party. Who wouldn’t want to grab beers with Ovi… I mean, besides a Pens fan.

So… Ovi takes top spot, no doubt. But who else do NHLers want to grab a beer with? 

Check it out:

Sidney Crosby? Seriously? I mean... he's a superstar and an incredible player, but he doesn't strike me as a particularly good drinking buddy. Jumbo Joe Thornton, Keith Yandle and Brent Burns? Sign me up. I'll throw Drew Doughty out there as another guy who seems like he can tilt 'em back pretty good.