Nic Deslauriers flees California in RV to reach Quebec

The Ducks’ enforcer left with his family to leave Orange County before it was too late…

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Anaheim Ducks forward Nicolas Deslauriers is a tough guy. The enforcer has gotten into 14 fights this season, and still managed to record a natural hat trick days before the NHL shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In the United States, California has been struck by outstanding numbers of coronavirus cases, which pushed Deslauriers and his family: his pregnant wife, three kids and two dogs, to pack up and flee the country in a RV.

The Journal de Montreal points out that under normal conditions, a traveler will take almost a week to drive from California to Quebec. According to Google Maps, we are talking about a colossal distance of 4600 kilometres and 42 hours of road. 

The Deslauriers did it in four days. Two days of just over eight hours of driving, a third day 17-hour marathon and another 16-hour marathon to make it home. 

Now they are back in Quebec, where they will isolate for 14 days to respect the province’s rules and make sure they do not spread the virus in their new location. 

"I don't think I could imagine myself in California right now. It was great in California. But it was not our home. We were renting a house. California is also a hotbed, especially in the Orange County area. I am happy to be in Quebec, at home. I feel safe with my family. "

Here are a few pictures from his crazy trip, courtesy of Deslauriers, via Le  Journal de Montreal: