Nick Cousins reportedly busted for calling out teammates via “burner account” online

What the hell is this guy thinking!?


Here's a new one in the hockey world: NHLer Nick Cousins has been reportedly busted for using a "burner account" on Twitter. And for using said account to call out his teammates, all while promoting himself.

Twitter user Austin Egri did a deep dive on a somewhat suspicious account with the username t_thomas91 and he uncovered some pretty damning evidence against Cousins. For starters the account seems to ONLY reply to Tweets regarding Nick Cousins. The account has also followed Cousins' NHL career through his last 3 organizations, the Montreal Canadiens, Vegas Golden Knights and Nashville Predators. MTL, VGK, and now NSH. Oh... and the account is always quite quick to point out Cousins' point totals, especially in comparison to his teammates'. And lastly, the account seems to have intimate knowledge of Cousins' 2013 sexual assault case.

I mean...

This is quite a soap opera.

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And finally... Austin Egri gets blocked by "t_thomas91"