Nick Foligno lays down the law: “I won't allow it!”

The veteran forward is speaking out.

Michael W.

As part of the offseason additions made to the Chicago Blackhawks last summer, the team added veteran forward Nick Foligno, who previously served as the captain of the Columbus Blue Jackets for several seasons. The thought was that he would bring an element of leadership to a young group that was set to be led by phenom rookie forward Connor Bedard, the 1st overall pick in the 2023 NHL Draft. 

Foligno delivered on that, and was rewarded with a two-year contract extension midway through the season. And as a leader should, he wasn't shy whatsoever about calling out his team when he felt that their effort and dedication wasn't up to par with what it should be.

During his season-ending media availability, Foligno stated in no uncertain terms that the recently-completed campaign that saw Chicago lose 53 games in regulation can't be repeated.

"We can't go through this again," Foligno said. "I want to change. We can’t go through this again. And I certainly won’t allow it. Either the mindset changes from the group or personnel changes. That’s just the way it is in the NHL."

"I'm looking for the positives and things that we can build off of, and that’s why it’s so disappointing," Foligno continued. "We want to feel good about yourself going into the offseason. But then again, we are a team that needs to make some changes here, and this isn’t good enough."

This is exactly the kind of thing that a young team needs to hear from someone who has been in the League for over a decade, and has taken upon himself the mantle of responsibility that comes with being one of the elder statesman on a rebuilding team with a young core. 

Foligno tallied 17 goals with 20 assists in 74 games played this season, his first with Chicago after being acquired from the Boston Bruins. His two-year extension is set to begin next season.

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Source: Sportskeeda