Nick Seeler drops his gloves and drops a much bigger Jani Hakanpaa.

Nick Seeler drops his gloves and drops a much bigger Jani Hakanpaa.

Nick Seeler goes after the bigger man and makes Jani Hakanpaa pay for taking liberties with his teammate.

Jonathan Larivee

 Over the years the National Hockey League has tried to move further and further away from the more violent aspects of the sport of hockey, but despite their efforts fighting has remained a core part of the game. Many credit resistance from the players themselves as the reason we still get to enjoy a good scrap in the NHL, and on Saturday night we were treated to an example of why many players may feel that way.

During a Saturday night clash between the Dallas Stars and Philadelphia Flyers, Stars defenseman Jani Hakanpaa took some liberties with Flyers forward Travis Konecny when he wrapped his paws around Konecny's head and tossed him down to the ice. Although the official closest to the play raised his arm to signal a penalty was coming Hakanpaa's way, the big stars defenseman had bigger things to worry about.

That's because Flyers defenseman Nick Seeler took exception to the actions of the big man and, despite giving up a considerable advantage to Hakanpaa in terms of both height and weight, Seeler challenged him to throw down. The Flyers veteran then proceeded to chop the bigger man down with overhand right after overhand right, eventually connecting with a solid right hand that sent Hakanpaa crumbling to the ice.

The Flyers lost a powerplay due to the fact that Seeler was awarded an the extra 2 minutes as the instigator, but something tells me both Konecny and the Flyers were satisfied with how this one played out.