Nickelback directly addresses Connor McDavid during live show!
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Nickelback directly addresses Connor McDavid during live show!

What will the Oilers’ captain make of this?



A week ago, the Canadian band Nickelband was touring and stopped in Edmonton, where the lead singer Chad Kroeger had a special message for the Oilers and captain Connor McDavid.

In between sets, Kroeger addressed McDavid when he said to the crowd that he and his bandmates want to party with the superstar forward and the Oilers and the Stanley Cup next year!

“I haven’t said this in any other city. Who’s winning the f***ing Stanley Cup next year ?” he asked as the crowd roared and chanted Edmonton. He then added:

“I’m showing up for that party! Connor and I are going to all kinds of terrible things to that Cup when that boy hoist it up. I can’t wait!”

No pressure, right?

The captain did mention in his exit interview last month that he believed the Oilers are a better team now than last year, McDavid also put it out there that failure is what has come out again this season.

“It’s Cup or bust for this group,” McDavid said after his team was eliminated in six games by the Stanley Cup champions, Vegas Golden Knights. “Just where everyone is at with their career, that’s the expectation.”

The core players want it badly and with McDavid signed through the next three seasons and Leon Draisaitl for two, the captain strongly believes Edmonton will continue to be Stanley Cup contenders in the imminent future.

And if the Oilers win it next summer, Nickelback wants an invite to the party.

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