Nicklas Lidstrom upset after Sweden loss in World Championship

The Swedish legend was disappointed by Team Sweden's results.



The 2024 World Championship has officially wrapped up, and it was Czechia who ultimately emerged victorious by capturing the gold medal. What made it even better is that the tournament was held in Czechia, and the nation is in full celebration mode following the victory. 

Czechia earned the gold with a 2-0 victory over Switzerland, which came on the heels of an absolute drubbing of Sweden by a 7-3 final score. Among the players on Team Sweden was Detroit Red Wings forward Lucas Raymond, who finished the tournament with four goals in 10 games. 

As you know, the Red Wings have a rich tradition of Swedish royalty having helped lead them to glory over the years, led by arguably the greatest defenseman of all time in Nicklas Lidstrom. And it was during in interview with Swedish publication that Lidstrom voiced his disappointment in Sweden's results. 

“It feels, it does. Although you sit and watch the players on both teams, you want Sweden to succeed," he said. 

“It’s sad that it turned out the way it did, that it fell apart so much in the second period. We failed to stop the Czechs when they came.

“You feel disappointment, you do. It was not fun to watch, especially when you sit with a lot of Czechs in the stands.”

During his playing career, Lidstrom helped Sweden to the gold medal in the 1991 World Championships, as well as in the 2006 Winter Olympics. Thanks to his accomplishments, he's a member of the "Triple Gold Club" of having earned the Stanley Cup, an Olympic gold medal, and a World Championship gold medal. 

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