Nicolas Aube-Kubel dents the Stanley Cup.


Jonathan Larivee

This is probably not how Nicolas Aube-Kubel would have wanted his time with the Stanley Cup to begin.

We didn't have to wait very long to hear reports of the Stanley Cup being damaged this season thanks to Colorado Avalanche forward Nicolas Aube-Kubel somehow managing to dent it before the team photo had even been taken.

Aube-Kubel was understandably very excited in the moment and as he skated towards his teammates with the Stanley Cup to gather for the team photo, he blew a tire and crashed and burned taking hockey's holy grail down with him.

Although the players from the Avalanche would do their best to cover it up by turning the Cup to the side, immediately following the fall you could see that the bottom portion of the Cup has in fact been dented and perhaps more as well.

Check out the replay below: