Nikita Kucherov sets an NHL record off the back of another amazing performance.

Kucherov claims a piece of history.

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Tampa Bay Lightning forward Nikita Kucherov is a special player and we are lucky to have the chance to watch him work his magic in the prime of his National Hockey League career,

As all of you almost assuredly know by now Kucherov has been having himself one of the most impressive seasons we have been witness to in a very, very, long time. The Lightning superstar has long ago left the century mark behind and has been working his way towards some very lofty totals indeed, totals that today have now earned him a place in the National Hockey League's history.

On Saturday the Lightning faced off against the Boston Bruins in what should have been a meaningless game for both teams, but one that played out like a playoff game instead. It was obvious that both the Lightning and the Bruins came to play and as a result we got a game that featured plenty of scoring at both ends of the ice as well as some big physical plays. The story coming out of this game however will be the performance of Kucherov and what it will mean for his place in hockey history.

Kucherov kicked off his night by picking up a huge goal for the Lightning, one that not only put a point up on the scoreboard but one that sent of message to two of the Bruins best players in the process. Kucherov scored a beautiful goal off the backhand but before he did so he would blow past both Boston Bruins captain Zdeno Chara and young Boston Bruins star defenseman Charlie McAvoy, making them both look silly as a burst of speed allowed him to split them like a field goal going through the uprights. 

That goal was good enough for Kucherov's 128th point of the regular season and that was good enough to tie him for the most points ever recorded in a single season by a Russian born NHL player. That record he shared with NHL legend Alexander Mogilny for no more than a few minutes as he would later add an assist, albeit an ugly one, to puck up his 127th point of the season, picking up solo possession of that NHL record.

That assist also was good enough to tie another record. With his assist Kucherov ties Jaromir Jagr for the most assists ever recorded by a winger in an NHL season.