Nikita Scherbak slams the Kings and Habs in recent interview.

NHL dropout whines on his way out.

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Not everyone is happy about their time in the National Hockey League and it seems like we can add former National Hockey League forward Nikita Scherbak to that long list of players.

The 23 year old winger was a former first round draft selection and it is for that reason that many believed he would go on to have a promising future as a player in the National Hockey League. In spite of being selected 26th overall in the 2014 NHL Entry Draft by the Montreal Canadiens things never really panned out for Scherbak and he was limited to very little NHL hockey during his tenure in the league. 

Scherbak would instead spend the majority of his days playing in the American Hockey League with the St. John's Ice Caps before the Habs eventually decided to get a 3 game sample size out of him during the 2016 - 2016 season. However Scherbak would fail to truly break through to the main roster appearing in just 26 more NHL games for the Habs before being traded to the Los Angeles Kings during the 2018 - 2019 regular season. It seemed the Kings were taking a bit of a gamble on Scherbak, perhaps betting on the fact that he would return to the form that saw him selected in the first round of an NHL draft, however that gamble would not pay off. The Kings used Scherbak in just 8 games before sending him down to the AHL once again, this time with the Ontario Reign.

It seems that Scherbak however believes the blame for his failures should not be placed on his shoulders, but instead was a symptom of the organizations he played for. In a recent interview with Russian outlet Sports 24 Scherbak made some scathing comments about both the Los Angeles Kings and the Montreal Canadiens organizations. In his comments Scherbak would specifically single out the coaching staff in Los Angeles, and general manager Marc Bergevin of the Montreal Canadiens. 

'When I was put into the 3rd line in the Los Angeles Kings AHL team while they played a toughguy D on the 2nd, I realized I need to leave, because Kings clearly weren't interested in me. And the coach's system was awful', said Sherbak. 

'We were not allowed to speak Russian in the Habs dressing room while many guys spoke French. Even if Markov and Emelin tried to help me. And there were some strange moments with Bergevin'

I think it is safe to say that both those bridges have been burned by Sherbak.