Nikita Zadorov also hit with discipline from NHL Player Safety.
George Walker IV/AP  

Nikita Zadorov also hit with discipline from NHL Player Safety.

Carson Soucy isn't the only Canucks defenseman being punished by NHL Player Safety.

Jonathan Larivee

The Vancouver Canucks are getting a lot of phone calls from the National Hockey League's Department of Player Safety on Monday morning and unfortunately all of them come with bad news.

I've already reported on the suspension that is looming for Vancouver Canucks defenseman Carson Soucy, at a date to be determined, but now another Vancouver Canucks defenseman has also landed in hot water.

In an official announcement, the NHL's Department of Player Safety has announced that Nikita Zadorov will be fined the maximum fine of $5,000 for his role in the same incident that Soucy is facing a suspension for.

Both Zadorov and Soucy were involved in an altercation with Edmonton Oilers captain Connor McDavid at the end of Game 3, an altercation in which both men would deliver a cross-check to McDavid at nearly the exact same time. Zadorov would drill McDavid in the back causing him to fall forward, face first, into the incoming cross-check from Soucy.

Although I do not believe Soucy intended to strike McDavid in the head/neck area, it remains a fact that he did and that has now landed both Canucks defensemen in hot water. Here's a look at the play in question:

While Soucy is likely to miss some time, the fine will also have a significant impact on Zadorov who will now have to toe the line during the rest of these Stanley Cup playoffs. The fine means that he will be viewed as a repeat offender by Player Safety should he draw their attention again during these playoffs.