Nikita Zadorov makes dangerous comments about the war in Ukraine.
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Nikita Zadorov makes dangerous comments about the war in Ukraine.

The Russian defenseman speaks his mind about the ongoing war involving his home country.

Jonathan Larivee

One thing is certain, Russian defenseman Nikita Zadorov is not afraid to speak his mind.

Although many Russian athletes have understandably chosen to remain silent regarding the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Zadorov made it clear this week that he is not to be counted among them. Despite any potential reprisals that could come from his home country, Zadorov took a firm stand regarding the conflict in Ukraine when speaking with a Russian journalist on Thursday.

Zadorov, during a two hour interview, expressed his concern for the "young guys" that are currently losing their lives as a result of the ongoing conflict and expressed his desire to see the war come to an end.

"I'm sorry," said Zadorov as per The Athletic. "Instead of raising the new generation, we sent them to die."

Powerful words for the Calgary Flames defenseman, especially when you consider that his comments could potentially be dangerous given how those speaking out against the war have been treated in Zadorov's home country of Russia. In spite of any potential consequences that could come from speaking out against the actions of the Russian government, Zadorov feels it is important to make his feelings known and to be a voice for change.

"I think hopefully I can change something in this world," said a brave and defiant Zadorov. "It just sucks what’s going on over there right now. I think it’s just important to be vocal."

Unfortunately the consequences of speaking out are well known to Zadorov who now doubts whether or not he will ever be able to return to his homeland as a result of what he is saying.

"I probably can’t go back anytime soon until Putin isn’t the president or that regime is still there," admitted the Russian defenseman. "So I can’t go back to my home country, but Florida is home for me right now so I’m enjoying my time over there."

It's hard not to admire Zadorov for the courage he is showing in speaking out, especially when you consider the sacrifice he is making to do so, and one can only hope that his comments will lead to the change that he is hoping to bring to that part of the world.