No look backhand pass and great move leads to goal

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Milan Lucic seems to be fitting in nicely on the left wing of Anze Kopitar.

Last night the two hooked up for a sweet goal and it was both of their strengths that were used to score the goal.

The play started with some great board play from Lucic who ended up digging out the puck and then sending a no look backhand pass past a defender to Kopitar who got free going to the net and make a nice move on Blues goalie Brian Elliot and roofed it on his backhand. Lucic used his size and strength on the board play and Kopitar used his great skill and awareness to get open and score the goal.

The Kings have been looking for that big bodied left winger that could stick with Kopitar. His right winger has changed from time to time but Marian Gaborik and now Tyler Toffoli have had success with Kopitar. It has always been that left wing position that eluded the Kings but now they seem to have finally found the right guy for the job.

Here is the goal, courtesy of

photo credit: fullscalesports