Noah Hanifin done in Calgary.

Noah Hanifin done in Calgary.

The 27 year old American defenseman is playing out his final days as a member of the Calgary Flames.

Jonathan Larivee

The Calgary Flames are about to say goodbye to another player according to one National Hockey League insider.

On Saturday night, NHL insider Elliotte Friedman revealed his belief that any possibility of Hanifin remaining in Calgary has come and gone with the 27 year old defenseman destined for the trading block.

"The team isn't comment and the agent isn't commenting but it's pretty clear from everything we've learned today that Noah Hanifin is going to the market," revealed Friedman on Hockey Night in Canada.

Friedman indicated that his sources have informed him that, while there is interest from Canadian teams, it sounds like Hanifin may be destined to return home to the United States of America.

"I think there are Canadian teams interested in him but I think long term the U.S. teams are more confident that they are gonna be the ones that are able to sign him."

Last but not least, Friedman doubled down on his belief that Hanifin's time with the Calgary Flames has come to an end.

"It's very clear to me without any confirmation from team or agent that Noah Hanifin is going to market and the action has picked up around him," said Friedman in conclusion.