Nylander, Backstrom score AMAZING goal at World.

This one it a beauty!

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The World Championship of Hockey is in full swing in Europe these days and a lot of NHLer made the trip to join the fun. It's always a different feeling to see players compete for national pride instead of money and the mood is very different. It's both very competitive but still a bit less intense than the regular NHL games. 

Anyhow, today was yet another preliminary game for team Sweden and Leafs' William Nylander and Caps' Nicklas Backstrom completed a beauty of a play. 

Sure, they were playing team Denmark, which is not exactly a major force in the tournament. However, these two guys never played together before. In fact, only a few weeks ago they were competing for they NHL teams during the first round of the Playoffs! 

Good players will always find a way to contribute together and this one is a beauty.