Nylander contract: details revealed on why it’s so quiet in Toronto!

Good or bad sign that anything new has been heard lately?

Published 16 days ago
Nylander contract: details revealed on why it’s so quiet in Toronto!

Fans in Toronto are desperate to get more details on the contract negotiations between the Maple Leafs and William Nylander. Nothing new has emerged on the situation since the start of the season, and with how the star forward has been performing, questions have surfaced more than before.

However, Pierre LeBrun explained on last night’s edition of Insider Trading on TSN that it isn’t a bad sign that things have been so quiet when it comes to an update on the negotiations.

“The thing about it is that it’s been quiet by design,” LeBrun said. “Both sides made a pact before the season started. They did not want any leaks whatsoever. Both sides want to be tight-lipped and that’s exactly the way it’s played out so far. And the reality is, if this thing had gone off the rails in terms of contract talks, you probably would be hearing more because you’d get some message sending from one side or the other.

“The reality is, the dialogue is ongoing. My understanding is both sides keep going back and forth. They hope to get something done between now and July 1st, but it’s a difficult contract to get done. William Nylander has been spectacular, his salary leverage keeps going up, but the Leafs, also, keep dealing with the salary cap.”

Nylander is currently playing in the final year of a six-year, $45-million contract he signed back in 2018. It was reported earlier in the summer that both sides weren’t close on a number for Nylander’s next contract, with the forward seeking around $10 million annually. But I mean he may be worth way more by the way he is playing. If the Maple Leafs and Nylander do not come to terms by July 1, the 27-year-old forward will be eligible to test the market as an unrestricted free agent.

In 15 games this season, Nylander has put up 10 goals and 22 points. He is currently in his home country of Sweden with the Maple Leafs for the 2023 NHL Global Series, with a first contest taking place later today.

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