Nylander receives highest praises from superstar following World Champ.

That comment says it all.

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The World Championship flew a bit under the radar because of the NHL Playoffs being in full swing. It's a bit sad this world class event didn't get a better coverage, as the quality of the teams fielded was beyond amazing. 

If the fans didn't tune in, players still got a chance to measure themselves against each others. One kid received a lot of praises following his performance and it would be hard to argue. William Nylander was awarded the tournament's MVP title and played hero a lot of times. Victor Hedman had this to say about his victorious colleague. 

These are strong words coming from one of the best defenceman in the league. You don't use the qualitative ''world-class player'' lightly when you're a superstar yourself and Hedman didn't shy away from the words. 

Hats off to Nylander and the Maple Leafs for drafting him in the first place!