O’Reilly reveals awful injury that he suffered through for entire postseason

Incredible. What a warrior.

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St. Louis Blues forward Ryan O’Reilly secured his place in the record books last night with another incredible performance in the Stanley Cup Final. The gritty, but skilled center scored the game’s opening goal and would go on to capture the Conn Smythe Trophy as MVP of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. 

In scoring the game opener, O’Reilly joined some rarified air, becoming the first play to score a goal in four consecutive Stanley Cup Finals games since Wayne Gretzky did with the Edmonton Oilers in 1985.

Not bad, Ryan. Not bad at all. 

What’s even more impressive is that O’Reilly was reportedly suffering through a case of cracked ribs throughout the entire postseason. Say what!?!?!

Check it out:

Wow… that might be the most impressive thing about O’Reilly’s entire postseason. If you’ve ever had cracked ribs before you know that it’s difficult to just breathe normally, let alone play hockey.

What a warrior. That Conn Smythe win is well, well deserved.