Oddsmakers name Stanley Cup favorites for the 2023-24 season.
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Oddsmakers name Stanley Cup favorites for the 2023-24 season.

Oddsmakers predict who they believe has the best chance of winning the cup this year.

Jonathan Larivee

Prognosticating an entire season of National Hockey League hockey is a damn near impossible task to accomplish, but in spite of that each and every year oddsmakers do their best to do just that. They do so by announcing their favorites to win it all at the end of the Stanley Cup playoffs and with the season just days away those predictions are starting to rapidly make their way into the public sphere.

The latest on this front comes to us courtesy of the people over at Moneypuck, and somewhat surprisingly we find ourselves with a pair of Canadian teams inside of the Top 3. Not only that but the entire top 5 is relatively close with the 5th team within 1.4% of the 1st team based on the prediction model.

The model uses data from last season combined with factors related to the offseason moves from each team to reach their conclusion, although of course nothing is guaranteed to come to pass at the end of the day.

Here are the teams rounding out the top 10:

1. Edmonton Oilers 7.9%
2. Carolina Hurricanes 7.7%
3. Toronto Maple Leafs 6.9%
4. Vegas Golden Knights 6.7%
5. Dallas Stars 6.5%
6. Boston Bruins 6%
7. New York Rangers 5.1%
T-8. Colorado Avalanche 5%
T-8. Florida Panthers 5%
10. New Jersey Devils 4.9%

This prediction will likely get fans in Canada, who have been starving for a Stanley Cup victory on home soil for far too long, very excited but again remember that this is merely the result of a prediction model and things are likely to change drastically over the course of a full NHL season.