Oilers and Flames reveal vintage jerseys for 2023 Heritage Classic  

Oilers and Flames reveal vintage jerseys for 2023 Heritage Classic

Yes! Love the brown gloves and pants from the Oilers!



Don't look now but we're just about one month from the 2023 Heritage Classic between the Edmonton Oilers and Calgary Falmes at Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton on October 29th, 2023.


The pre-season literally just began and we've got an outdoor game already creeping up on us. You've got to love it.

Today, the Oilers and Flames unveiled their threads for the 'vintage themed' game, going with an appropriate 'vintage themed' uniform for the occasion.

Check it out:

More on the jerseys from

The jerseys, unveiled by the NHL and adidas on Tuesday, feature nods to the 1952 Edmonton Mercurys, who, while representing Canada, won the gold medal at the 1952 Oslo Olympics, and the historic Calgary Stampeders hockey team of the 1950s and 1960s.

For the host Oilers jerseys, adidas created new front crest artwork that combines the vintage-inspired uniform with the distinctive oil drop of the Oilers, featuring a player number in the oil drop crest. The new player names and numbers, designed by adidas, are rendered in layered felt. Adidas paid meticulous attention to details in completing this traditional look, including the use of sleeve numbers on only one arm and the captain’s marks overlapping the shoulder yoke.

The Flames jerseys have a nod to the historic red and white colorway used by the Stampeders. The only Flames gold featured within the entire uniform is the word “CALGARY FLAMES” in the crest and top stitch detailing in the numbers.

Adidas designed the new player names and numbers that are rendered in felt with top stitch details meant to evoke denim-reinforced sewing techniques seen on a cowboy’s blue jeans. Adidas’ attention to detail included incorporating elements that were inspired by vintage designs like the extended yoke that drops so low on the sleeve that the sleeve numbers sit upon it.


Honestly, I kind of love them both. The vintage looking pants and gloves for the Oilers uniforms are an excellent touch. The only thing better would be if they played the game without helmets!