Oilers fans turn on McDavid after Oilers swept by Jets

Are you kidding me!? You're telling me that McDavid IS the problem!?


In case you missed it last night, the Edmonton Oilers officially bowed out of the Stanley Cup Playoffs after a four game sweep by the Winnipeg Jets. Sunday evening's well publicized collapse in Game 3 put the Oilers in a difficult spot heading into Game 4, but the Oilers did look like a much better team last night, but once again they couldn't close the deal in OT.

Jets forward Kyle Connor absolutely sniped the game winning goal in triple-overtime to break the hearts of Oilers fans across the world.

Check it out:

With another season over too soon for the Oilers, the question now is, "What's next?"

Well, for some fans the next logical step is to trade Oilers captain and 100 point man Connor McDavid. Um... excuse me?

I know it sounds crazy, but a large contingency of Oilers fans took to social media last night in the wake of the Oilers' loss to condemn McDavid's lack of leadership, calling for an offseason trade.

Most of the comments came as a reply to this pithy Tweet:

Now, check out some of these replies:


I just... I don't get it...

Since a lot of these complaints seem to be about money... would you rather have two $6.25 million players on your team than one Connor McDavid for $12.5 million? It's nonsense. McDavid is simultaneously the highest paid player in the league, while also being underpaid. You can't quantify the value that he brings to a team. And frankly, if the Oilers do elect to put McDavid on the trade block, you'll have every team in the NHL putting in a significant offer. Why? Because any team would be ecstatic to have him at any price. Good grief these are some spoiled hockey fans.

Now back to reality because there's absolutely no way that Oilers GM Ken Holland contemplates a McDavid trade this offseason. But, he'll certainly make significant changes, most of which will be centred around providing some depth to take the pressure off of McDavid and linemate Leon Draisaitl. Don't be surprised if Holland goes hard after a new netminder this offseason, as well.