Oilers fed up with Evander Kane?

This would be quite the turn of events.

Published 14 days ago
Oilers fed up with Evander Kane?
The Hockey Writers

Don’t be surprised to see Evander Kane and the Edmonton Oilers part ways before long, according to one notable hockey insider.

Kane, who has drawn the wrath of teammates in the past and found himself off several teams, is reportedly wearing out his welcome in the words of a particular noted NHL Insider. 

According to Frank Seravalli, Kane’s act in Edmonton is wearing thin.

"What I didn't like on Saturday night... [Connor] McDavid and Draisaitl got pushed around. If I was [in] the Oilers organization I would not have liked how McDavid and Draisaitl were treated in Toronto. There's nothing wrong with what the Maple Leafs did to them - they should try and rough them up - but it's on yourselves to protect them."

"His act is wearing thin. It's a tale as old as time. He starts off really well in any new place that he goes to and it's like a coach the clock begins to tick. At some point the Oilers were probably have to address it before his contract is up. It may or may not be as soon as this summer, but he wears out his welcome."

Kane has scored 21 goals with 18 assists this season for the Oilers, his third campaign with the team since being inked by GM Ken Holland during the 2021-22 season. 

Are we going to see yet another falling out with Kane and his teammates, or is this a story that is being overblown? 

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