Oilers girl Kait gives a Game 7 prediction... from the shower!
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Oilers girl Kait gives a Game 7 prediction... from the shower!

We are NOT worthy!

Trevor Connors

Edmonton Oilers fan Kait, better known as 'Oilers Girl' has a prediction for Game 7: The Cup is coming back to Edmonton.

The best part though?

She made the prediction from her shower:

That's my kinda woman!

Read below for our earlier published report on Miss Kait from Hockey Feed staff writer Jonathan Larrivee.

The Edmonton Oilers self-proclaimed 'good luck charm' may be having a little difficulty getting to Game 7.

Over the last several days an Edmonton Oilers fan known simply as 'Kait' has gone viral on social media in a way that very few could have predicted. Kait initially took the internet by storm when, during Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Final, she was recorded flashing an arena full of thousands of Oilers fans while celebrating the Oilers victory in that game.

The video of that particular moment has collected millions of views making Kait an overnight sensation, one that Playboy quickly capitalized on by offering her a photo shoot. Kait accepted the offer, causing her to once again blow up on social media after pictures from that photo shoot were shared to her Instagram account.

On Sunday, Kait once again took to Instagram only this time it wasn't to publish any new photos, but rather to get something off her chest. The viral Oilers fan appeared to be looking for a way to get to Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final while also complaining that getting a flight in her home country of Canada was next to impossible.

"Anyone have extra room in their jet?!" asked Kait via her Instagram. "Turns out Canadian flights might be harder to score than points against Oilers."

No word yet on whether or not anyone has answered her call for help.

Source: Spittin' Chiclets