Oilers insider buries GM Peter Chiarelli.

Oilers GM under fire.

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A well-respected National Hockey League insider has just laid out a damning case for an NHL general manager to be fired from his position.

Oilers insider Jonathan Willis of The Athletic Edmonton didn't come right out and call for Oilers GM Peter Chiarelli to be fired, but there is absolutely no doubt about what the message behind his words was.

Willis expressed his complete lack of confidence in Chiarelli's decision making on Monday, and his words made it clear that he doesn't feel Chiarelli should be allowed to make another major move for his current team.

"There's little reason to believe that a general manager who squandered McDavid's ELC can win with him making $12.5MM," wrote Willis. 

Willis also expressed frustration at Chiarelli's track record with the Oilers, calling three of the big trades he's made this far failures on the part of the controversial general manager.

"There's little reason to believe that a general manager who has blown three of his four big deals (Reinhart, Talbot, Hall, Eberle) will get the next one right."

To be clear here Willis seems perfectly content with the deal that brought Cam Talbot to the Edmonton Oilers, however the trades involving Taylor HallJordan Eberle, and Griffen Reinhart clearly do not sit well with him.

Considering what the players or draft picks the Oilers gave up in those deals went on to do for their new teams, Willis' criticism here feels perfectly warranted. It's also safe to say that Chiarelli is quickly becoming known as a general manager infamous for trading away top young talent and getting relatively little in return. 

Furthermore it's clear by the wording of Willis' comments that he feels the reigns need to be taken away from Chiarelli before he can do even more damage, perhaps by trading away Ryan Nugent-Hopkins who has been rumored to be on the trading block. 

Is Chiarelli's time in Edmonton at an end? And if it isn't should it be?