Oilers make major annoucement regarding playoffs!

Details inside

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Chris Creamer has confirmed that the Edmonton Oilers will wear orange full-time at home starting with the 2017 playoffs. Currently, the team has three jerseys that they are able to wear but starting with the playoffs, the team will have only two. They have decided that the jerseys will be orange for home games and white for away. 

They are ditching the blue home jersey altogether.

The Oilers have clinched a playoff spot in the Pacific division for the first time in 11 seasons. This is a new era for the Oilers led by the one and only Connor McDavid

They moved into a new arena in September, and with the alternate orange jerseys becoming the home jerseys, they are definitely constructing a new identity.

This announcement has come after the Oilers took their team photo in their orange jerseys this past Monday. For those of you who plan on attending a playoff game at the Rogers Place there will be orange pompoms available if you do not want to invest in a new orange jersey just yet.