Oilers organization will HUNT ticket reseller.

Good guys fight back.

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The Playoffs are times of joy, deception, thrilling victories and crushing defeats. One new trend in the hockey word is to sell tickets in the home arena to watch the game on the jumbo-tron when the team is away. Most of the times, the arena fulls in a matter of minutes and these nights are always special. 

However, the Oilers organization is now on the hunt for ticket resellers who take the opportunity to make a quick buck out of it. You see, Friday will be the second match between the Oilers and the Ducks in Anaheim and the Oilers planned a charitable, family related event in the Rogers Place for the occasion. The tickets are a mere 5$ a piece and families are more than welcome. However, the story took a sad turn recently. 

As per the Oilers' public relations department, we learned today all the tickets were sold in a matter of hours. Following this quick selling out, some people posted their tickets for 40$ and more on reselling platform such as StubHub to turn a profit. This doesn't suit well for the Oilers organization at all, and they sent out a warning today. 

“If we identify who you are, we can guarantee now that any future ticket purchases you have — either for this event or other Oilers’ events coming up — will be voided by Oilers Entertainment Group. So, you are taking significant risk.''

Wow! Talk about a team who fights back for the right reasons! This has nothing to do with profits and only focuses on the charity that will benefit from this hockey event. All proceeds will go to  the Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation.

Resellers be warned, you are NOT welcome in Edmonton on Friday.