Oilers revive the dreaded World Juniors penalty music and fans have noticed!

Oh no!


It’s already annoying to head to the penalty box, but it can’t be as annoying as the God forsaken penalty song from the 2019-20 World Juniors. That’s right, the music made headlines when it returned on January 4th in game between Russia and Team Canada at the WJC and now it goes viral again. 

That’s because on Thursday night, the Edmonton Oilers decided to revive the dreaded World Juniors penalty music during their contest agains the Toronto Maple Leafs. Team insider Mark Masters, who covered the World Juniors, noticed it right away. 

Fans chimed in, also noticing the revival of that annoying song, also known as “Charlie” by Alan Hawkshaw and commented on the Oilers using it when players get sent to the penalty box. 

Some fans made fun and believed Ray Ferraro of TSN had to be in the building, he who found the song to be pure torture during the World Juniors. 

We bet his reaction was priceless when he heard the penalty song come and haunt him in the NHL.