Oilers' Rieder sets ridiculous record after CEO threw him under the bus!

When you didn't think it could get worse...

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You all remember when Edmonton Oilers CEO Bob Nicholson made headlines last week when he ripped one of his own players own in public. On Thursday during a breakfast organized for season tickets holders, Nicholson called out Tobias Rieder as one of the culprits of this disastrous season. He really threw him under the bus, explaining that the difference between the Oilers making the playoffs and not was Rieder failing to score 15 or 16 goals.

''Toby Rieder will not be signed by the Edmonton Oilers at the end of this year. Toby Rieder was a player other teams wanted. He came here for one year because he wanted to play with Leon Draisaitl who he plays with on the German national team. He thought if he wasn't playing with Leon he'd be playing with Connor, he'd score 15-16 goals, and instead of making two million he'd sign a four-year deal [extension] at three and a half million. Toby Rieder hasn't scored a goal. Toby Rieder has missed so many breakaways. If Toby Rieder would have scored 10 or 12 goals we'd probably be in the playoffs.''

Nicholson's comments caused quite a stir in the hockey world, so much so that he had to apologize and make amends with Rieder.

However, this didn't stop one fan from informing the world of Rieder's new ridiculous record he set on Thursday night during the Oilers' 3-2 shootout loss at the hands of the Dallas Stars. 

On Reddit, one fan under the name Frnklfrwsr revealed that Rieder set a new record for most shots by a forward in a zero-goal season with 87, beating the previous high mark of 84 set by Craig Adams in the 09-10 season.

This is deplorable and sort of explains why Nicholson made the comments about Rieder when thinking about the team's future and the upcoming season. 

It might have gotten the forward, and pending free agent, smiling, even though he once again failed to record a point in last night's win... 

Some fans focus on Rieder, while others do the right thing and are still baffled by captain Connor McDavid's amazing goal. The star forward was even surprised himself...