Oilers working on cost-cutting trade that could disappoint fans
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Oilers working on cost-cutting trade that could disappoint fans

Something has to be done in Edmonton:

Chris Gosselin

There is a pressing feeling in Edmonton that the Oilers aren’t done making cost-cutting moves in the offseason, after shipping Ryan McLeod last week to the Buffalo Sabres. They simply have to make room for the pending new contracts for restricted free agents Dylan Holloway and Philip Broberg that could push them over the $88 million salary cap by $3 million.
For weeks now, rumours have pushed forward Evander Kane on the trade block, as he has two years left on his contract with an AAV of $5.125 million. If Edmonton can pull off a trade, they would free up $2.5 million they must shed to become cap-compliant before their season opener in October.

But it’s been complicated with Kane: he carries a full no-movement clause until Feb. 28, when it becomes a 15-team no-trade list and his reputation does not make him very attractive on the market.

And so, someone else is likely to be pushed out of Edmonton, which is a disappointing assessment for fans out there.
NHL insider Frank Seravalli of the Daily Faceoff recently spoke with Bob Stauffer of Oilers Now and suggested that defenseman Cody Ceci could be sacrificed in a cost-cutting trade. He believes there is a market for the blue liner and his $3.25 million cap hit, and praised his value as he upped his game during the long playoff run.

“I can tell you with 100 per cent certainty there is a market for Cody Ceci. Right (shot) defencemen in that pay range are always in demand. Just go look at the pay range this summer and look at some of the money thrown around. Cody Ceci at that number is probably quite palatable. And, in fact, probably to some teams that are cap strapped, interesting. There’s a ‘break glass in case of emergency’ if Jeff Jackson and the Oilers want it. In the meantime, let’s see what develops.”

For now fans continue to wonder if Kane will be the one to move, even if that means pushing him onto the long-term injury reserve as he deals with a hip injury and a sports hernia. He could always return before the end of the 2024-25 season, meaning the Oilers could wait until then and choose to move Ceci or another player prior to the trade deadline.
If not, it will have to come down to another salary dump on the trade market before their season opener.