Olympic committee has given the NHL a deadline to make up it's mind.

The war has officially begun.

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It seems like from the moment Canada won gold at the Vancouver Olympics there has been talk from the NAtional Hockey League, and more specifically commissioner Gary Bettman, about the possibility of pulling their participation from the winter Olympic Games, and that talk has finally come to a head/

The IOC ( International Olympic Committee) has laid down the gauntlet, making it clear that if the league does not make up it's mind before the 15th of January that it will be no longer be possible to reach an agreement.

"We definitely always try to have the participation of the best athletes. It is reassuring that NHL is coming to Pyeongchang and especially look at the operations in Gangneung," he said.

"When it comes to the final participation ... there is a date set at Jan. 15 to find an agreement," said IOC execuitve director Christophe Dubi as per The Associated Press. "Until then it will be work between all parties involved to make sure that we get the participation of the very best, and that's for both Pyeongchang and Beijing."

Some players like Russian superstar Alex Ovechkin have made it clear that they will be participating irregardless, so it would seem ot be in the best interest of the NHL to find an agreement, but only time will tell if that becomes a reality.