One clear frontrunner emerges for Corey Perry; possible return to Canada  

One clear frontrunner emerges for Corey Perry; possible return to Canada

Huge update on the free agent’s future in the NHL:



Last week, it was confirmed that veteran forward Corey Perry is eligible to sign with other teams. After meeting with NHL commissioner Gary Bettman, Perry was given permission to sign as a free agent with a team, other than the Chicago Blackhawks, who terminated his one-year, $4 million contract at the end of November 2023.

He would need to sign by the March 8 trade deadline in order to be eligible for this year’s playoffs.

Since the verdict was handed in by Bettman, teams have reportedly made their due diligence and inquired about Perry.

Over the weekend, Elliotte Friedman reported that Perry learned that “in good standing with the league” and what it could mean for a new contract.

“I still think though that what’s going on is everybody here is doing their due diligence. Teams on him, are we missing anything and him on them? Where does he want to go? Does he want a Canadian market? Does he want something a little quieter? I think they’re gonna be figuring that out over the next little while.”

Per, multiple sources including Chris Johnston and Frank Seravalli, the Edmonton Oilers have reportedly emerged as frontrunners for Perry, who could be tempted to join the team since they are playoff contender this season.

It was quite a messy ordeal when Perry released a statement following his contract termination from the Blackhawks and denied rumors that he had a relationship with Melanie Bedard, mother of former teammate Connor Bedard.

Perry was reportedly dismissed from the team for inappropriate and unacceptable conduct, fuelled by alcohol consumption. But Perry could however be a great addition to any team and as we get closer to the postseason and the Oilers could look to add more grit and punch around captain Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl.

And I’m just going to say it: with the Oilers giving a second chance to a controversial player like Evander Kane, I wouldn’t be surprised if they chose to sign Perry as well.

Perry had four goals and five assists in 16 games this season, his first in Chicago.

Could he be now on the move back to Canada, to play alongside another Connor in McDavid this time.

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