One NHL scenario for 2020-21 season has been rejected!

The NHL will need to focus on other options.

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We are still left wondering when the 2020-21 season will get underway and what the format will look like. One thing that we did find out on Friday is that one of the scenario that was considered by the National Hockey League to start the upcoming campaign with a bang has been rejected. 

According to a source who got in touch with The Athletic, “the potential of starting the 2020-21 NHL season on Lake Louise in Alberta has been quashed.”

“Issues arose that made it not feasible after site visit.

NHL is currently looking at other aesthetically-pleasing options to start next season with a bang.”

This might have possibly been told to the general managers who met on Friday in order to get some clarity on what might happen next for teams and players. 

When commissioner Gary Bettman made his opening statement at the NHL Draft on Oct. 6, he mentioned that he was looking forward to the next campaign, and announced that it would get underway on Jan. 1st. However on Thursday, the NHL announced that it will postponed the Winter Classic and All-Star Game, which was quite a blow to fans that hoped the action would kick off with the outside game in Minnesota.

And now the option of starting in a wonderful place like Lake Louise is also off the table. This might have to do with the level of concern growing in the province amid the numbers, 406 (COVID-19 cases in Alberta) a record day on Wednesday in Alberta.