One of the biggest fails in NHL history turns 10 years old today.

A huge fail that will live on for years to come.

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It's one of the most infamous moments in modern National Hockey League history and it turns ten years old today.

On January 4th of 2007 Dallas Stars forward Patrik Stefan, at that point largely considered a huge draft bust after being selected first overall in 1999, completely embarrassed himself and the Dallas Stars when he lazily attempted to score an empty net goal and failed miserably.

It's a moment that most hockey fans alive today have seen before, Stefan fumbles the puck and loses his balance behind the net allowing the Edmonton Oilers to skate the puck all the way back up the ice and tie the game at 5-5 with just seconds left on the clock. 

It would turn out to be the last NHL season of Stefan's career, and it's a moment that will overshadow his accomplishments in the league, likely forever.