One of the last remaining enforcers announces his retirement.

One of the last of his kind.

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The enforcer is a dying breed in the National Hockey League, slowly being phased out for players who can do more than just throw haymakers and rack up penalty minutes. 

On Thursday after a 13 year professional hockey career as a hired goon, Colton Orr has officially announced his retirement from the sport of hockey through the National Hockey League Player's Association.  Orr will end his career with an impressive 477 NHL games under his belt, 24 points, and a whopping 1186 penalty minutes.

Orr was one of the few pure enforcers left in the game, a player who undoubtedly made NHL rosters entirely based on his ability to inflict phsyical punishment on the opposing teams. He will be best remembered for his time as a member of the New York Rangers and Toronto Maple Leafs.