One of the most controversial players in NHL history announces his retirement.

Arguably the most controversial player to ever lace up his skates in the NHL.

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One of the most controversial men to ever lace up skates in the National Hockey League has announced his retirement from professional hockey, as a player, but it sounds like he intends to pursue a career as a coach.

Former St. Louis Blues' and New Jersey Devils' center Mike Danton has announced that he will be joining the coaching staff of the Valley Wildcats in the Maritime Junior Hockey League, effectively ending his on-ice career. 

While Danton is not a household name as a player, he made international headlines in 2004 when while in the NHL he was arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit murder. Prosecutors in the case claimed that Danton was attempting to have his agent David Frost murdered, and there were all kinds of wild allegations surrounding the case.

The allegations included Frost being accused of convincing Danton to become estranged from his family, and there were even accusations of a homosexual relationship between Frost and Danton, accusations that were supported by a recorded prison call where Frost forced Danton to say "I love you."

Danton was eventually found guilty in the case and spent 5 years in prison for his crimes, effectively putting an end to any hopes of continuing a career in the NHL, although he did play professional hockey in Europe following his release and even saved a teammate's life with skills he learned in prison. 

While he no doubt paid is debt to society and has seemingly gone on to live a seemingly normal life since the incident, I must admit I would not be entirely comfortable having him as a coach if my child were on the team.  

That being said everyone deserves a second chance, and hopefully Danton finds success and peace in his new endeavors.