One of the NHL's leading scorers called out by his coach.

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It has to be a frustrating situation, getting publicly called out when you're one of the National Hockey League's top point producers/

On Tuesday Dallas Stars head coach Lindy Ruff, obviously frustrated by the disappointing showing from his team overall this season, called out hos star forward in Tyler Seguin, stating that Seguin wasn't giving all he could give night in and night out.

"My conversation with him was: ‘Do you have another gear? I’ve seen you with another gear, and I want to see it,'” said Ruff as per the Dallas Morning News. “There’s more there, I know there is."

What's worth though is he characterized Seguin's performances as second rate, stating that once was gold had greatly diminished.

"I get to watch games sometimes two or three times, and you see situations that turned to gold, and now they’re silver or bronze.

“I think he’s missing that little gear that I think he can find still.”

It will be interesting to see how Seguin, who is already producing at a point per game pace, reacts to these comments going public from his coach.

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