Only one team ready to submit offer sheet for Marner!

Everyone is wondering what will happen here...

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It’s been six years since the last offer sheet was signed, when Ryan O’Reilly was inked by the Calgary Flames in a lockout-shortened 2013 season. The Colorado Avalanche matched it and later traded him to the Buffalo Sabres. 

As you can see it’s been a while… 

However, chatter is growing that Mitch Marner could be the next player to get signed to an offer sheet this summer, seeing that the Toronto Maple Leafs are struggling to re-sign him and he seems to have decided to test the restricted free agent market. 

While Marner may want to meet with other NHL teams during the RFA offer sheet interview period that begins on June 26th, one insider believes there is only one team that will be willing to submit an offer sheet for his services. 

According to TVA Sports’ Renaud Lavoie, only Carolina Hurricanes owner Tom Dundon is be ready to get his men to put an offer sheet on the table. 

"The general managers are tight now,” he revealed on Friday morning. The only team willing to submit an offer sheet is Carolina, where the owner of the Hurricanes does not care about anything one bit. I would see him impose such things on his general manager. But, according to me, he's the only cowboy who would be willing to do that. "

Lavoie also added that in the past, general managers who were bold enough to pull such a move regretted it long after. He recalled how back in 2012 when Paul Holmgren submitted an offer for Shea Weber, which was eventually matched by the Nashville Predators, no GM wanted to take his call after the move. 

Even Holmgren, who is now the Philadelphia Flyers president, admitted to the impact the offer sheet had on his relationship with the rest of the league’s GMs. 

We will have to see if any current league GM is willing to take that risk…