Onlyfans model claims Carey Price is unfaithful in blunt revelation!

Onlyfans model claims Carey Price is unfaithful in blunt revelation!

She then attacks the goalie’s wife, Angela, in the same breath!



It’s not because you’re not playing for the Montreal Canadiens anymore that you don’t get your share of drama. Carey Price and his family kicked off the summer by moving from Montreal despite still three years left on his contract with the Canadiens, but he is unlikely to ever play again due to an injury. He was away from the team and on the long-term injured reserve for the past year.

However, he is still getting the attention and the drama. On Tuesday night, reports emerged, notably from Dans les coulisses, that an OnlyFans model named Minoum revealed on the podcast D’amour et de s3xe that Price is excessively cheating on his wife Angela. She claims that she was taking part in a party he bar Bord’Elle towards the end of the pandemic in 2020 once bars and restaurants reopened and witnessed Price getting a blowjob, claiming that Habs players aren’t faithful to their wives.

Minoum began by saying that “what happens at Bord’Elle, stays at Bord’Elle”, but she quickly decided to talk about it.

“(Canadian players) are the least loyal on Earth. (Carey Price) was getting sucked off in the seat in front of me.”

The podcast’s segment, in French, can be heard here below:

This is a huge accusation against Price, but Minoum claims that Habs players do not hesitate to cheat on their wives / girlfriends. She then took a shot at Angela Price, claiming that Carey’s wife is dismissive of the situation because of the money.

«His wife is like, ‘I’m ignoring it, but I’m getting your money!” » 

It feels like this could be a hoax… Maybe Minoum is seeking more attention on her OnlyFans account and created this scandal to get more fans and subscribers.

This is the Price’s personal life and we are not the ones called to be the truth seekers. However, this girl was trending and this is our job to share it with you.

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