Optimism over Jack Campbell's return to the ice may have been premature.

Details inside.


There was a bit of a buzz surrounding Toronto Maple Leafs backup goaltender Jack Campbell over the weekend thanks entirely to the fact that he made his first return to the ice since suffering a leg injury back on the 24th of January against the Calgary Flames.

Although Campbell's return to the ice was of course a good sign, it does sound like he still has quite a ways left to go in his recovery. On Monday, perhaps as a result of the buzz that had been created around Campbell's potential return, Maple Leafs head coach Sheldon Keefe was quick to temper that excitement.

Keefe indicated to reporters that his backup goalie was still more than a week away from being able to return, which eliminates any and all possibility of him being available this Wednesday or Thursday when the Maple Leafs will play the Ottawa Senators in back to back games. Campbell wouldn't have been eligible for Wednesday's game anyways due to his long term injured reserve status making him available at the earliest on the 18th, but that would have lined up nicely for Thursday's contest. 

The priority of course is letting Campbell get fully healed up, and it would appear that this is exactly what the Leafs are doing.