Oshie protects rival Chariot's head during line brawl

A moment of sportsmanship from the intense forward!

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The Washington Capitals edged the Winnipeg Jets 3-1 as their winning streak reached seven games over the weekend, but the Canadian team surely put up a good fight. 

Things got intense, especially when Capitals forward Carl Hagelin shoved Mark Scheifele from behind in a dangerous play. Of course, it ended up in a scrum and players started pounding one another, however, Ben Chariot lost his helmet and fell to the ice. 

Once Caps’ T.J. Oshie noticed that Chariot laid defenceless on the ice, without his helmet, he reached his arms out and let the players, including his teammates, around him to calm down and stop the brawl. A photographer caught the action with a brilliant photo, showing to the world this great moment of sportsmanship from the intense forward. 

It reminded a lot of NHL fans when Anaheim Ducks veteran Corey Perry protected the head of Chicago Blackhawks goalie Corey Crawford. Perry ended up colliding with Blackhawks netminder Corey Crawford but Perry made sure not to make contact with Crawford’s head. Crawford, of course, has a long history with concussion related injuries, to the point where his career would be put in serious jeopardy should he receive any more hits to the head.

We sure love how aware NHL players are of the concussion issues and trying their best to protect anyone. 

Great job, Oshie!