Other Blackhawks players have been warned following Corey Perry incident

And it does not stop there!

Published 4 months ago
Other Blackhawks players have been warned following Corey Perry incident

Corey Perry is seeking help to deal mental health issues and substance abuse following the saga in Chicago that saw the Blackhawks terminate his his one-year, $4 million contract. The team said an internal investigation had determined Perry “engaged in conduct that is unacceptable, and in violation of both the terms of his Standard Player’s Contract and the Blackhawks’ internal policies intended to promote professional and safe work environments.”

Perry released a statement, and the Blackhawks have been locked in different arguments on how they handled the situation, but Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman believes general manager Kyle Davidson did his best to deal with his players properly. On top of that, in his latest 32 Thoughts column, Friedman mentioned how players in Chicago were told how they cannot be involved in any kind of behavioural indiscretion.

“According to several sources, when Davidson met with the players on Tuesday morning, he emphasized the Blackhawks could not afford any kind of behavioural indiscretion. (As he said publicly later in the day, he did not tell them what occurred.)

Friedman also appears to send a warning to reporters, journalists and especially people on social media also need to learn from this as we all saw how a stupid rumour can catch on fire and get out of hand.

“Unfortunately, during that time, the situation devolved into an online mess. Now, you’ve got a real problem: your lawyers are telling you to keep quiet because you must follow protocol, while an insane rumour is gathering steam across social media.

“There’s a lot to be concerned and disappointed about in this case. Something happened that caused Corey Perry to be cut from the Blackhawks. Someone else in the organization was affected. And people got smeared for absolutely no reason.”

I’m guessing this should apply to anyone in the league, players especially. It’s a good sign that culture has evolved in which all employees are being protected and heard when they have a complaint and want an investigation.

However, the damage that’s been done, especially when it comes to rookie Connor Bedard and his mother Melanie was just unnecessary and totally uncalled for.

Let’s hope to never see this again in the NHL, or any professional organization for that matter.

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