Ottawa Public Health goes viral after roasting Leafs

Well done, OPH. Well done.

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Winter is just around the corner in most parts of Canada, but if you're a citizen in the nation's capital... well you just got an early taste of winter. That's right... snow... in October...

Ottawa has received their first snowfall of the season last evening and it's safe to say that its citizens aren't very happy about it. It seems like Fall started just a couple weeks ago and now here's Winter banging on the front door. In true Ottawa fashion though, the city is turning their misfortune into a joke about the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Check it out:

That's the official Twitter handle of Ottawa Public Health absolutely ROASTING the Leafs. Whether you're a Leafs fan or not, you have to admit that that's pretty funny.

The joke has officially gone viral, as well. The tweet has been 'Liked' over 2,000 times and has earned frontpage status on Reddit.