Outrage from female fans over TD Garden's security policies

Some Bruins fans are voicing opposition.



In the wake of new security measures being implemented at TD Garden, the home of the Boston Bruins (and NBA's Boston Celtics), there are more than a few female fans who have expressed their opposition. 

The Bruins recently introduced a new policy that discourages fans from bringing bags to the events, and announced that no bag larger than 6x4x1.5 will be allowed: 

The announcement was as follows: 

"UPDATE: Effective Feb. 17, new @EvolvTechnology security screening will be implemented at TD Garden. To ensure a swifter entry process, we strongly discourage guests from bringing bags. Bags larger than 6» x4» x 1.5» will not be permitted."

And it wasn't long before fans began expressing their disappointment with the announcement: 

"This doesn't work for anyone who experiences a period but sure lol"

"For the love of God, get women in your/NHL's decision-making processes."

"As a woman who needs certain products that the TD Garden doesn't supply for free, this is absolutely ridiculous. My phone is the size that yall want our new «bags» to be"

"My wife needs an epi-pen for a severe allergy. They don’t fit in a bag this small. You all need to revisit your plan here, it’s short-sighted and exclusive to a lot of people."

"There will be exemptions for medical necessity right??? Otherwise this policy feels pretty discriminatory."

"So I’m assuming my 7 by 4 CLEAR purses which works for countless other venues is no longer an option. Cool cool. glad I can use this for Gillette, fenway, the amp but oh the garden wants me to hold my tampons"

"That’s barely bigger than an iPhone. And that’s smaller than a normal wristlet dimensions. That’s very discriminatory!!"

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Source: Twitter