Outraged fans accuse Connor McDavid of animal cruelty!

Hockey needs to return quickly….

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We’ve had a lot of NHL players putting up posts and videos of themselves working out, and for the past week, Edmonton Oilers captain Connor McDavid has gotten a little more creative, putting together an exercise to do with his dog Lenny. 

The dog is awfully cute and seems to enjoy helping out his master, however on Thursday night, McDavid did squats while holding the big dog in his arms. He asked fans on his Instagram account: “How many squats can you do in 30 seconds? How are you getting creative with your home workouts?”

When Hockey Night in Canada reposted the video on Twitter, it did not take long for some outraged fans to accuse McDavid of mistreating the dog and insult him on social media. Here are some comments made by the angry folks: 

Obviously we are not PETA people, but we believe the dog is fine. McDavid puts him down as he wiggles in his arms and lets him go. 

Some fans were out there to defend McDavid and Lenny, but clearly, it’s time for the NHL pause to come to an end if all NHL fans are going to do is comment on the relationship between the Oilers superstar and his dog… 

What do you think?