Ovechkin acts like worst captain ever with strangest pre-game ritual

Hey, whatever works right?

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Washington Capitals star forward Alex Ovechkin is a bitter. 

We don't mean he is the type of player that will get caught biting an opponent during a scuffle on the ice as the Russian sniper is now known to bite his own teammates, which might make him the worst captain ever. 

In an interview with the NHLPA, Andre Burakovsky revealed one of the more unusual pre-game superstitions from his captain Ovechkin and we finally have proof of what he does to his teammates before a game. 

The Capitals do like many other teams in the NHL and have fun with a soccer ball before a contest, however, the Caps' soccer game involved Ovechkin's pre-game ritual which includes biting his teammates in between rounds of the soccer tilt. 

Thanks to the Russian Machine Never Breaks, we now have footage of Ovechkin's latest victim as we see him bite his teammate Jakub Vrana.

Vrana is seen fully ready to get bitten by his own captain, offering his arm for Ovechkin's mouth. Then, the captain lets his teammate chomp down on his arm but the Russian forward does not seem bother by Vrana's bite...

Now, if he started doing this last season prior to the Capitals' first championship in franchise history, it is hard for Ovechkin's teammates to tell him to stop now... After all, the Capitals' captain might be convinced it has everything to do with his pre-game ritual, who knows...